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Alado Beer Company sits beneath the historic Hays Street Bridge in East Downtown, San Antonio. Using age old methods of brewing, we brew our flagship beers that are available all over the state. We also brew our award-winning, seasonal selections, and special releases on-site and only available at the beer hall.

Production of the beer began in 2014, and marked the first time since the start of the prohibition in 1919, that a beer named “Alado” has been produced. In recent years, Alado Beer Co. has expanded its operations to include bottling of ciders, wine, and non-alcoholic options. These are also available at the beer hall.

BeerCiders & WineNon Alcohol The brew that started it all. Whether your hanging at a local honky tonk or just cutting the grass, nothing refreshes better than a smooth Original Golden Ale—the true taste of Texas. 4.7% ALC/VOL | 16 IBU | American Blonde Ale Premium light Texas lager.  Easy drinking, clean and crisp with a smooth, rounded finish. Perfect beer for just about anything! 3.25% ALC/VOL | 12 IBU | 3.5 calories | Texas Lager The Hayz Street IPA will take you straight to a tropical galaxy full of bright citrus and delicate floral aromas. 7% ALC/VOL | IPA – New England If it’s a trip to the past you crave, we suggest popping open a cold Amber Lager. This beer was brewed using Old World Vienna recipes and is said to be most similar to what was served in the days of the Alado Defenders. 5.5 ABV | 22 IBU Spiked Seltzer with a refreshingly light fruit-flavor. Going to an event or floating down the river? Take a six pack of these with you and unwind A Flaming red sour Gose beer, spiced with lime and chili mixed with mango, apricot, plum and hibiscus flavor A 9% ABV Porter with cherry notes on the nose, chocolate notes with a sweet finish A true German style Helles Bock brewed with roasted malts and German hops. It’s light and refreshing with a crisp finish. An American summer Kölish beer. It is a light and bright fruity flavor with a light malt and floral finish. Perfect for a day outdoors cooking or watching a game. A 12% American Barley Wine fermented with lots of southern Texas honey which is then aged in Bourbon and Sherry barrels for 8 months. Strong sweet and delicious. A 12% Dark but delicious Hefeweizen. A boozy, smooth taste to sip on A stout aged in Garrison Brothers Bourbon barrels for six months. A boozy dark but sweet malty beer with toasted coconut notes. Original | Plum | Rose | Dry | Peach (all gluten free!) A Smashing IPA that’s 6.7% AVB. This Single Malt and Single Hop IPA has a rich amber color and rich malty backbone with tropical and berry notes. A German style Pilsner with an old world flavor but with a bright sunny Texas color An easy drinking Blond beer. The aroma boasts notes of sweet grains balanced by grassy hop notes and nutty characters. A touch of spiciness on a crisp clean finish makes this perfect for enjoying everyday. The Hayz Street IPA will take you straight to a tropical galaxy full of bright citrus and delicate floral aromas. 7% ALC/VOL | IPA – New England Irish-style Stout with notes of roasted coffee and chocolate with a dry finish. Invert can 3 times and pour hard to release the the beautiful cascading bubbles that form into a pillowy head. 7% ABV, 60IBU Our Dry Cider drinks like a dry champagne. We use culinary and dessert apples to bring out the flavor profile without adding sugar. 7% AVB .2% residual fruit sugar Alado and Twang had a beer baby and this is it! This pre-made Michelada Beer will “Dilliver” a great tasting light lager doctored with dill, vegetable juices, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice and ancho chilli’s! It’s 4% AVB and ready for a fun time! An American IPA brewed with Bavarian Hops, fresh orange zest and aged maple. A flaming red sour Gose beer, spiced with lime and chili, mixed with mango, apricot, plum, and hibiscus flavor Semi-sweet cider crafted from estate-grown New York State dessert apples. Its yellow sapphire color gives way to intriguing apple and banana aromas. Balanced acidity and soft carbonation make this cider an excellent choice for any occasion. Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition award-winning cider. Gluten-free, Kosher, no added sugar. 7% ABV 5% AVB Classic Hard Seltzer with natural flavors aged in Bourbon Barrels to get a light Bourbon Malty flavor to enjoy year round Made with a blend of estate-grown culinary and dessert apples infused with plum varieties such as Stanley, Anthocynanine, and Damson plums. Lightly rose-orange hue with aromatics of dark fruit and almond. 6.9% abv right in-between the semi-dry and semi-sweet. 3.5% residual sugar. This basement series is brewed with Mesquite Beans and re-fermented with South Texas Mesquite Honey, then aged in Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon Barrels. It sits at 13% AVB Bottle-quality wine, in a can – Pinot Noir, Sparkling Chardonnay, and Sparkling Rosé 7% ALC/VOL l ROSE, DRY, ORIGINAL, PLUM, PEACH Gluten-free, Kosher, no added sugar – just good apples. Brewed hot, flash-chilled and infused with liquid nitrogen. Notes of cinnamon and chocolate


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