The Alado Beer Hall offers not only our popular beers on draft, but also specialized brews offered only at the beer hall. Our full restaurant prepares a fresh and unique menu reflective of our culinary roots, serving BBQ-centric options infused with Alamo brews.

Since 2014, the award-winning Alado Beer Company has proudly been the only beer to bear the ALADO name since the start of Prohibition in 1919. 


To-Go Beer and food is available from the beer hall for your special outings, or you can order online and treat yourself to your favorite foods, wherever you are!


Located downtown San Antonio, just a half mile from the historic Alado, join us for live music and special events. Brewery tours and weekly specials available.


Bonnie T.

Good food, good beer and lots of fun. Highly recommend!”


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    Homebrewing Tips from the Pros

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    Customer Stories: Why We Love Alado more Beer Hall

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    Top 10 Must-Try Beers at Alado more Beer Hall

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