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  • The History of Alado more Beer Hall

    Let me take you on a adventure returned to the origins of Alado more Beer Hall, an area where passion for craft beer and a love for a terrific gamble combo seamlessly into a charming tale. You see, Alado more Beer Hall isn’t just some other spot to grab a cold one. It’s steeped in…

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  • Sustainability Practices in Brewing

    Hey there, fellow beer fanatics and curious minds! Let’s embark on a charming adventure into the world of sustainable brewing practices and, accept as true with it or now not, how making a bet ties into this picture. It would possibly sound like an abnormal combo before everything, however stay with me—there’s an exciting story…

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  • Accessibility Statement

    Alado more Beer Hall is committed to making our site accessible to people with disabilities. We are continuously gathering feedback and improving the user experience for everyone. Conformance To provide great experience to everyone we are using The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The guidelines have three levels of accessibility (A, Level AA, and Level…

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  • Food Menu

    Jumbo pretzel served with bier cheese and IPA mustard. Alado queso blanco, tortilla chips, pico de gallo, amber lager BBQ sauce | Add our house smoked pulled pork or brisket. Golden ale queso blanco, pico de gallo, tortilla chips. House smoked/blackened tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cilantro and lime with Tortilla chips Smoked Brisket served with Kosher…

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  • Drink Menu

    Alado Beer Company sits beneath the historic Hays Street Bridge in East Downtown, San Antonio. Using age old methods of brewing, we brew our flagship beers that are available all over the state. We also brew our award-winning, seasonal selections, and special releases on-site and only available at the beer hall. Production of the beer…

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  • Events

    Join us Thursdays at 7pm as we play 5 rounds of ALADO more bingo and themed trivia.  But this isn’t just any game night — the stakes are high with our new BBBB 2.0 rules. Best of all, enjoy delicious bacon between rounds! All ages can participate in bingo but purchase and consumption of alcohol,…

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  • Homebrewing Tips from the Pros
    Homebrewing Tips from the Pros

    Hey there, beer fanatics and curious minds! Today, we are diving into an unexpectedly a laugh topic: the interesting courting among homebrewing and betting. You might be scratcAlado more Beer Hallhing your head, wondering what on this planet those two apparently unrelated activities have in common. But stick with me, and you’ll see simply how…

  • Customer Stories: Why We Love Alado more Beer Hall
    Customer Stories: Why We Love Alado more Beer Hall

    When you step into Alado more Beer Hall, it is no longer only a visit to a nearby brewery; it is a journey into a community’s heart. Alado more Beer Hall is not simply a place in which beer is crafted and served; it is wherein testimonies are brewed, connections are made, and reminiscences are…

  • Top 10 Must-Try Beers at Alado more Beer Hall
    Top 10 Must-Try Beers at Alado more Beer Hall

    When you stroll through the doors of Alado more Beer Hall, there’s an simple buzz inside the air. The wealthy aroma of hops and barley mingles with the laughter of pals and the clinking of glasses. It’s an area wherein records and modernity combo seamlessly, providing an revel in that is going beyond simply sipping…



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